The Trinity River Vision Authority (TRVA) coordinates activities among local stakeholders and performs risk assessment planning for the effective delivery of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Central City Flood Control Project. The TRVA does not construct, manage the construction or participate in the events and placemaking functions associated with the flood control project or the Panther Island District. The participating stakeholders manage their respective components and can provide greater detail regarding each activity.

Central City Flood Control Project

The Central City Flood Control Project addresses Fort Worth’s flood risks that are a result of explosive population growth with the city having tripled in size since the current levee system was constructed in 1960. The two main components of the flood control project are: the rerouting of a section of the Trinity River due north of downtown and modifying a large park on the east side of the city to better manage flood events in a manner that will also restore the area. The combination of these efforts will return flood protection to over 2,400 acres of established Fort Worth neighborhoods valued at over $2.4 billion.

Panther Island

The City of Fort Worth’s Comprehensive Plan calls for sustainable growth in all areas in close proximity to downtown Fort Worth. The district due north of downtown, Panther Island, has been rezoned by the City of Fort Worth to provide a mixed-used district of greater density. The district is impacted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers flood control project; however, no federal money is being used to accomplish the City’s sustainable growth goals for the district.