“Wind Roundabout” Public Art Coming to Panther Island

Work continues on the new piece of public art coming soon to Panther Island. Located in the center of the new roundabout that connects White Settlement and Henderson Street on Panther Island, Ned Kahn’s Wind Roundabout is a 30 foot tall kinetic sculpture that will be visible to motorists entering the roundabout, providing a visual focal point amid the anticipated growth and development of Panther Island.

Ned Kahn’s Wind Roundabout will move with the ever-changing direction and force of wind in Fort Worth. Supported by a stainless steel structure 30 feet tall and 30 feet in diameter, a “veil” made of hundreds of aluminum rectangular pieces will create a dynamic visual pattern as the wind blows through it. The sculpture’s surface will glimmer in the sunlight during the day, and at night, reflect the soft glow of ambient light from passing cars and surrounding buildings.

“For the last 20 years, I have been making large-scale public artwork that increase people’s awareness of natural phenomena. Using materials such as water, wind, fog and light, I have worked to create contemplative oases in urban environments, place where people can reconnect with the larger forces of nature. I am fascinated by blurring the boundaries between art, science, architecture and nature.

In recent years, I have completed a series of artworks that reveal invisible forces in their sites by converting natural flow patterns, such as wind, into the pixelated motion of many small metal parts. I have been calling these artworks “detectors”, for they are analogous to the detectors on telescopes and other scientific instruments that reveal the effects of the invisible. The normally unseen patterns of the wind are complex and entrancing. The psychological effect is similar to watching a fire, waves on a lake or tall grasses swaying in the wind.” -Ned Kahn

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