Wind Roundabout Dedication on Panther Island - Trinity River Vision Authority

Wind Roundabout Dedication on Panther Island

On the morning of December 10 the Trinity River Vision Authority (TRVA), Fort Worth Public Art, Mayor Betsy Price, Councilmembers Ann Zadeh and Sal Espino, and artist Ned Kahn came together to help dedicate Fort Worth’s newest piece of public art, Wind Roundabout.

Wind Roundabout will be a focal point on Panther Island and artist Ned Kahn recognized the value it brings to the community. “When it all comes together it, will be a miraculous new neighborhood,” Kahn said.

Wind Roundabout is a kinetic sculpture which features thousands of hinged aluminum panels whose movement is entirely powered by the wind, revealing its ever-changing movement as it does in water or prairie grass. The surface of the sculpture glimmers in the sunlight during the day, and at night, reflects the soft glow of ambient light from passing cars and the anticipated surrounding development.

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