The three TxDOT signature bridges under construction on White Settlement Road, North Main Street, and Henderson Street, have seen lots of progress recently! 18 out of the 20 V-piers have been completed, concrete is being poured for the support for the white settlement roadway and you can see even more every time you drive by one of the three bridges.

White Settlement Road Bridge:  TxDOT’s contractor has completed pouring all 8 of the signature V-piers, they have now proceeded to the bridge deck and are pouring the lower portion of the White Settlement bridge deck that supports the roadway.

North Main Street Bridge: TxDOT’s contractor has completed all 4 of the V-piers on North Main Street, as well as recently installing all of the steel to support the falsework for the deck of the bridge. They have also started the the support for the steel cages that are needed to begin pouring concrete for the roadway. In addition, the north and south approaches leading up to the bridge have been paved.

Henderson St. Bridge: The TxDOT’s contractor has now poured six of the eight V-piers on the bridge and have installed the reinforced steel on two remaining V-piers.

Did you know? For the pouring of each V-pier, approximately 210 CY of high strength concrete is placed over a 12-14 hour period. Due to the warmer weather, the work is performed during the very early hours of the morning. Liquid nitrogen is being used to help control the temperature of the concrete being placed.

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