Panther Island Bridges Updates 8/30/18 - Trinity River Vision Authority

North Main St. Bridge: The Contractor recently completed the roadway repairs on the long-term detour on Commerce and N Main. The repairs resulted in a durable riding service at the detour transition curves and also opened up additional lanes for traffic at the N Main / Northside Drive  intersection. Grand was also reopened to facilitate better access to adjacent businesses.

The Contractor is scheduled to pour the first of four V-Piers on the N Main bridge on August 30th. Approximately 200 CY of high strength concrete will be placed over a 12 hour period making it the ninth of twenty-two in the overall project. The work is scheduled for the nighttime and liquid nitrogen will be used to help control the temperature of the concrete being placed.

White Settlement Bridge: The Contractor continues to work on the superstructure false work that will support the construction of the cast in place box girders and the future bridge deck. Once the false work is in place the steel reinforcement will be placed and the box girders will be poured. That work is expected to begin later this fall.

Henderson St. Bridge: The Contractor is currently installing the post tensioning duct work in V-Pier steel cages that have been erected on-site for the bridge. Once completed, forms will be installed by the Contractor and the V-Piers will be poured.

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