Significant progress continues on all three of the TxDOT signature bridges on Panther Island. Here are a few highlights:

North Main St. Bridge: TxDOT’s contractor, Texas Sterling, is scheduled to pour the third of four V-Piers on the bridge near the end of February. Approximately 210 CY of high strength concrete will be placed over a 12-14 hour period. Due to the cooler weather the work can be performed during the daylight hours beginning in the early morning. Even though the temperatures are cooler, it is anticipated that liquid nitrogen will still be used to help control the temperature of the concrete being placed.

The Contractor has also started to erect the bridge’s superstructure false work at north end of the bridge which will allow for the construction of the box girders that will support the future bridge deck.

White Settlement Bridge: The Contractor has finished all of the false work for the bridge’s superstructure and is installing the box girder steel over the first two sets of V-Piers on the west side of the bridge. It is anticipated that the contractor will pour the first bottom slab section of the box girders in late February.

Henderson St. Bridge: The Contractor has now poured two of the eight V-piers on the bridge and has installed the majority of the reinforced steel on three other V-piers (3L, 4R and 5L). In addition, the Contractor is now installing  false work that will allow for the construction of V-Pier 2R.

You can expect to see a lot of progress on the bridges over the next three month period.

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