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Live, Work, Play – The Panther Island Way

Fort Worth is spreadin’ out so far and wide.
Keep Dallas, just show me the panther’s side.

Green urban spaces will breathe life into the current industrial area just North of downtown Fort Worth along Main Street. A feature of the Panther Island project is the development of the Trinity River Promenade.

The Promenade has plans for a total of seven new parks, they will be known as The Parks of Panther Island. These urban parks will connect lakes, canals and marinas through a network of trails. The development of the parks system will be located along the future site of the by-pass channel, which will begin west of the White Settlement bridge past the extension of the Main Street bridge headed east.

Imagine having public art on display in a lush green outdoor setting with canoe and kayak launches, lockers and shaded seating.
Promenade Park South promises these features and more!

Live, work and play at Promenade Park North. The biggest appeal of this park are the pedestrian bridges. They will link the top and bottom of the Promenade parks improving connectivity along the river.

Bring on The Parks of Panther Island and its urban livability!

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