Fair Contracting Vendor Spotlight – Sunbelt Industries

G.L. Morris Enterprises, dba Sunbelt Industrial Services is an environmental contractor that originally began working with Trinity River Vision Authority in 2008. With a focus on expanding services to their existing client base, Sunbelt’s determination has given the woman-owned corporation the ability to bid on larger projects. Sunbelt has been awarded a total of three TRVA projects, serving as the prime on all.

“Sunbelt has been a reliable contractor in executing Competitive Sealed Proposal (CSP) environmental Response Actions. They have read and understand the contract/ specifications, and are prepared with optional solutions whenever unexpected or unusual conditions are encountered in the field. They are timely in submittal of the required documentation; this help the project runs smoothly while being driven to completion.” – Charles Gaddy, Project Manager, APTIM

Established in 1988, Sunbelt has offices in both Fort Worth and Carrollton. Their services include excavation and remediation services, environmental drilling, waste transportation and disposal services, environmental field services, and UST removals.

“It is only with the help of clients like TRVA and its contracted professionals that Sunbelt has been able to achieve the growth necessary to operate as a prime on these larger projects. It is an exciting privilege to be a part of the work that Trinity River Vision Authority is doing in the community.” – Marla Murphy, President,

Sunbelt Industries is able to achieve the growth necessary to be the prime operator on large projects through building relationships and partnering with dedicated professionals. It is an exciting privilege to be a part this project that will enhance the city and benefit the community for generations to come.

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