The need for updated flood protection in Fort Worth, have led the project partners to develop infrastructure that will provide needed flood protection to over 2,400 acres of neighborhoods in Fort Worth.  The infrastructure put in place as a part of the Central City flood control project will eliminate the need for our current levee system through a system of gates, valley storage sites, three signature bridges, a downstream dam and a 1.5-mile bypass channel that will redirect potential flood waters. By looking at flood protection in a global way a once-neglected, industrial section of the Trinity River will be transformed  into a vibrant riverfront neighborhood with green spaces bustling with activity and opportunities for living, employment and education.

Below are statistics taken from a study conducted by the Center for Economic Development and Research of North Texas in November of 2014.

  • When completed Panther Island is expected to generate more than 29,600 full-time workers in the area.
  • Panther Island will contribute over $3.7 billion in annual economic activity to our region
  • Tax base will increase over a billion dollars from $129 million to $1.3 billion
  • Open the development of over 800 acres connecting Downtown, Cultural District and Stockyards
  • Create 12 miles of developable waterfront in our Central Business District
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