Diverse Business Spotlight

Diverse Business Spotlight


  • ROBERTS TRUCKINGMinority Owned Business EnterpriseScope of work provided: Hauling B & A LABORATORIES, INC.
  • DBA XENCO LABORATORIESMinority Owned Business EnterpriseScope of work provided: Environmental Laboratory
  • GORRONDONA & ASSOCIATES, INC.Minority Owned Business EnterpriseScope of work provided: Professional Land Surveyors
  • MULTATECH ENGINEERING, INC.Minority Owned Business EnterpriseScope of work provided: Civil Engineering
  • SAVANT GROUP, INC.Woman Owned Business EnterpriseScope of work provided: Civil Engineering

Successful Growth
Builds Strong Foundation

Offering local businesses a fair and equitable opportunity to bid on and secure contracts within the Central City/Panther Island Project has been a long-time commitment of the Trinity River Vision Authority (TRVA).Now in its tenth year, TRVA’s Fair Contracting Program continues to recognize and join forces with *Diverse Businesses (DB).

*TRVA refers to businesses that are minority-owned,women-owned, socially disadvantaged, economically disadvantaged, small,service-disabled, and/or historically underutilized as Diverse Business (DB).

The Fair Contracting Program’s goal is to provide at least 25% of all contracting opportunities to DBs. Additionally, each project partner commits to taking a proactive approach to obtaining a DB a goal for each contract acquired. As of today, TRVA proudly stands behind a projected commitment of 30% for combined local, state and federal contracts. Nearly a third of that commitment is in local contracts alone – which includes those led by the City of Fort Worth, Tarrant Regional Water District, and TRVA.

Over the years, TRVA has watched many DBs participate as a sub-contractor with a small piece of an overall contract – only to see them secure a larger, more lucrative contract further down the road. TRVA strives to support the growth of local diverse businesses.

Recognizable growth in a company includes factors such as being awarded multiple contracts, increased award amount with each secured contract and a growing workforce within the company. Roberts Trucking, a Minority Owned Business Enterprise, is just one of many DBs that has experienced noticeable growth.

bpsRoberts Trucking, a commercial construction materials logistics firm in the DFW area, has participated in three major remediation projects for TRVA. On each project, the transportation company was contracted to export and dispose of contaminated soils, backfill disturbed areas with clean soil and supply aggregates.

Company President, Quincy Roberts proudly reports, “We have transported 17,000+ truckloads of material combined on the three projects, grossing over $3 Million in revenues.”

“Participating in these projects has had a major impact on the company’s growth over the years,” says Roberts.“ In 2011, we started work on an environmental remediation project for Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD), which now houses The Coyote Drive-In Movie Theater.” At that time, Roberts Trucking had 60 employees and by 2014, their workforce had nearly tripled. The increase in the workforce was largely due to working on their second environmental remediation contract for TRVA. In two short years, and after successful completion of their third environmental remediation contract; Roberts Trucking currently employs over 320 people. “A significant amount of our hires have been from the local workforce in the City of Fort Worth indirect relation to our sub-contracts on the TRVA project and with TRWD,” claims Quincy Roberts

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