BRIDGE UPDATE: North Main Street

Each time we drive up Main Street from downtown, we are seeing regular progress on the new signature V-pier bridge. Since traffic on North Main Street was detoured to Commerce Street in late December, congestion and delays have been minimal, whew! All it takes is a short swoop around the construction site where work can be witnessed by motorists on the daily.

Heading north, the new bridge will serve as a connector across the new bypass channel and over the Trinity River to the historic Stockyards and north side neighborhoods. She joins her bigger sisters at White Settlement and Henderson Streets as one of Fort Worth’s three bold new iconic structures, known as Panther Island’s Signature V-pier Bridges.

Progress Marching Ahead on North Main Bridge with:

  • Construction of Abutment #1 has been completely built and will support the ends of the bridge. This area has also been backfilled and compacted.
  • By mid-April, the contractor will begin installing falsework or temporary structure to support the steel reinforcement of Pier Bent 2.
  • The contractor poured for the first two pier columns to support the V-pier structures on March 7.  Approximately 120 cubic yards of concrete was used in this process.
  • The final two pier columns will be poured mid to late April at Pier Bent 3 bringing a total of four pier columns to the bridge. The bridges at White Settlement and Henderson Streets will each have eight pier columns.
  • Abutment #4’s pier cap was poured on March 26 and used approximately 65 cubic yards of concrete.
  • The mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls for Abutment #4 on the south end of the bridge is currently under construction.
  • Concrete has been poured for the historical sidewalk in front of Texas Refinery Corp. with work already underway. Look for special ‘Panther Island Red’ brick pavers manufactured specially by Acme Brick to be installed on top of the sidewalk. Trust me, it’s going to be gorgeous!
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