Bypass Channel – Flood Protection

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The bypass channel and the associated infrastructure is a unique way to provide flood protection for over 2,400 acres of neighborhoods in our community, protecting them from highest level of flooding expected in the area.

Valley Storage Progress Continues at Gateway Park

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The second phase of excavation work in Gateway Park is expected to begin next month. The work includes the mass excavation of an area in the park for the purposes of developing valley storage for the Fort Worth Central City project. Creating valley storage sites is pivotal to providing flood protection for our city. In addition to the mass excavation, the project includes tree protection, tree removal, utility protection, drainage culvert, fencing, and site restoration using a variety of seed mixes, and incidental related work. The first phase of valley storage excavation in the park, which was completed earlier this year, involved removing over 1.4 million CY of material (enough material was moved in phase 1 to fill roughly 40% of AT&T stadium). For phase 2 work, roughly 81,000 CY of material will be removed and brought to a haul site within the park where the old wastewater treatment plant was located. Portions of the haul road between the two sites will follow an existing City of Fort Worth haul road used for the demolition of the old wastewater treatment plant. Using this existing haul road will cause minimal traffic impacts to the public. A

Things To Do on Panther Island – Labor Day Weekend

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Explore the Trinity River On the Water Rent a kayak, canoe or stand-up paddleboard from Backwoods Paddlesports at Panther Island Pavilion. They have various discounts throughout the season! 50% off your rental price when you bring back a bag of trash Tube the Trinity Rent a tube and relax at Panther Island Pavilion during the last Sunday Funday of the year! They have various activities including dog adoptions, FREE waterfront yoga, and The Dog House food truck! Check out their website for more info. Climb Aboard a Family-Friendly Boat Tour Panther Island Boat Tours offers several types of tours that include the rich history of the river and how it shaped Fort Worth, beautiful scenic views and sightings of river wildlife like turtles, herons and other critters. They even have a sunset cruise with dinner! Enjoy an Unique Movie Watching Experience The Coyote Drive-In experience allows you to enjoy a movie from your car or bring some chairs and sit outside of it. Also explore the playground, beer garden, place for kids to throw the ball around all for a great outdoor experience. Coyote shows double features every night on four different screens. Pet friendly and they



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FINAL TRINITY RIVER VISION REVIEW RELEASED Released For Public Review On Monday, Aug. 12, the Trinity River Vision Authority Board of Directors will be receiving the Final Report concerning the Central City Flood Control Programmatic Review. Earlier this year, the TRVA contracted with the national consulting firm Riveron to conduct the Review. Riveron will present their findings and recommendations at 3 p.m. at the Trinity River Water District’s Headquarters. Here is a copy of the report for the public’s review. News release date: August 12, 2019 For Immediate Press Release Monday, August 12, 2019 Statement from TRVA Board President G.K. Maenius


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Backwoods Paddlesports have been renting watercrafts at Panther Island Pavilion since 2012! They rent various watercrafts such as single and tandem kayaks, stand up paddleboards, and canoes. Their rentals are launched at the confluence of the West Fork and Clear Fork of the Trinity River and are currently the only vendor that you can rent from in Fort Worth, TX. Throughout the week Backwoods offers various discounts. From helping to keep our Trinity River clean to honoring our miliary these discounts help you explore Fort Worth in a new way! Check out the rentals below. SPECIALS – 1/2 Off Humpday:  ½ price watercraft rentals on Wednesdays Student Thursdays: $5 all rentals with ANY valid student ID. *One discount per ID Bike to Paddle: $5 off all rentals when you ride your bike to paddle Birthday Discount: 50% off the birthday person’s first hour of any watercraft rental *must show a valid ID with birthdate Trash Pick Up: 50% off the first hour of watercraft rental when you collect a full bag of trash while our on the water Military/ Veterans Discount: 15% off all watercraft rentals *must show valid ID If you have a group interested in getting out

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Fort Worth has a long history of flooding. Major floods in 1908, 1922, 1942 and 1949 devastated our city. The flood of 1949 is arguably the most recognizable of these events because most of the flooding occurred in what is today known as the West 7th District/Cultural District. Neighborhoods surrounding downtown were flooded by more than 10 feet of water. Thousands were left homeless, 10 people died and property damages reached $15 million. This flood brought in the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) who added improvements to the already existing levee system as well as straightened the Clear Fork and West Fork of the river, removing the natural meander of the river in favor of a channel system. This system has done a fantastic job of keeping our community safe. However, the current levee system was built when the population of Fort Worth was roughly 350,000 residents. Today, the population of Fort Worth has nearly reached 900,000 residents and because of the booming population growth, USACE indicated that 86% of the current levee system is less than the current design level of protection. Meaning, if Fort Worth saw a flood similar to that of the devastation of

Statement from TRVA Board President G.K. Maenius: DRAFT REPORT OF TRVA PROGRAMMATIC REVIEW

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DRAFT REPORT OF TRVA PROGRAMMATIC REVIEW Released For Public Review Last Wednesday, July 10th, the Trinity River Vision Authority Board of Directors met in its regularly scheduled monthly meeting. As part of the meeting’s Agenda, there was an update concerning the Trinity River Vision’s (aka: Central City Flood Control Project’s) pending programmatic review. Earlier that day, we had received the Draft Report from our outside independent consultant (Riveron). At the time of this meeting, neither I, nor any TRVA Board member, had the opportunity to review Riveron’s Draft review. Industry best practices call for an internal review of a draft report to ensure that the data underlying the development of findings, and eventually the making of recommendations, is accurate. At last week’s meeting, the TRVA Board members were provided with a copy of the Draft Report and asked to submit any comments directly to Riveron. It was also stated at last week’s meeting that when Riveron presented its Final Report to the Board, both the Draft and the Final versions of the programmatic review would be released to the public. While there was much Board discussion about the time necessary to respond to the Draft Report, we

TxDOT Bridge Updates – July 2019

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The three TxDOT signature bridges under construction on White Settlement Road, North Main Street, and Henderson Street, have seen lots of progress recently! 18 out of the 20 V-piers have been completed, concrete is being poured for the support for the white settlement roadway and you can see even more every time you drive by one of the three bridges. White Settlement Road Bridge:  TxDOT’s contractor has completed pouring all 8 of the signature V-piers, they have now proceeded to the bridge deck and are pouring the lower portion of the White Settlement bridge deck that supports the roadway. North Main Street Bridge: TxDOT’s contractor has completed all 4 of the V-piers on North Main Street, as well as recently installing all of the steel to support the falsework for the deck of the bridge. They have also started the the support for the steel cages that are needed to begin pouring concrete for the roadway. In addition, the north and south approaches leading up to the bridge have been paved. Henderson St. Bridge:

If Fort Worth is Cowtown, what’s with all the panthers? – WFAA

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Have you ever wondered how Fort Worth received its nickname, Panther City, or why there are panther references all over town? WFAA was curious and looked into the long history of panthers in good old Cowtown. Check out what they discovered below. "FORT WORTH, Texas — DFW is one of the fastest-growing areas in the nation, which means there are more and more people moving here that don’t know the story behind the nickname "Panther City." From statues to high school mascots and even police badges, you can find panthers all over the city of Fort Worth. But why? Teresa Burleson of the North Fort Worth Historical Society says it all started back in 1875, when an attorney wrote a tongue-in-cheek article for the Dallas Herald, mocking the quiet nature of the neighboring town to the west. “He said things were so slow in Fort Worth, he saw a panther sleeping on the courthouse steps,” Burleson said. But did a panther actually fall asleep in the middle of town? “I kind of doubt it,” Burleson said.  “We have no documentation of the truth of that story.” But instead of firing back, the townspeople