Vic Henderson leaves TRVA Board

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Founding TRVA board member, Vic Henderson thanked after 11-year tenure Trinity River Vision Authority’s Board of Directors honored a friend and fellow board member, Vic Henderson for eleven years of dedicated service on March 7 at the organization’s monthly board meeting. As one of the founding members, Henderson’s lifelong career in the oil and gas industry gave him great insight and experience proved invaluable to the TRVA Board of Directors since July 2006. His commitment to seeing the Panther Island and Gateway Park projects to fruition was unwavering, as was his great appreciation and understanding of the vision and patience needed to execute long-term projects. He brought strength, consistency and successful management techniques to TRVA’s program and was instrumental in guiding the ecosystem restoration and flood control aspects of the Project. Henderson exhibited a true passion for Fort Worth’s river renaissance. Additionally, he served as an Advisory Board Member of Streams and Valleys, Inc. and he and his wife Jeanine had a consistent, supportive presence at events and forums that supported and celebrated the Trinity River. His thoughtful diligent review coupled with his wisdom and courage to take on calculated, measurable risk made him a great asset

BRIDGE UPDATE: North Main Street

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BRIDGE UPDATE: North Main Street Each time we drive up Main Street from downtown, we are seeing regular progress on the new signature V-pier bridge. Since traffic on North Main Street was detoured to Commerce Street in late December, congestion and delays have been minimal, whew! All it takes is a short swoop around the construction site where work can be witnessed by motorists on the daily. Heading north, the new bridge will serve as a connector across the new bypass channel and over the Trinity River to the historic Stockyards and north side neighborhoods. She joins her bigger sisters at White Settlement and Henderson Streets as one of Fort Worth’s three bold new iconic structures, known as Panther Island’s Signature V-pier Bridges. Progress Marching Ahead on North Main Bridge with: Construction of Abutment #1 has been completely built and will support the ends of the bridge. This area has also been backfilled and compacted. By mid-April, the contractor will begin installing falsework or temporary structure to support the steel reinforcement of Pier Bent 2. The contractor poured for the first two pier columns to support the V-pier structures on March 7.  Approximately 120 cubic yards of concrete

Walk This Way

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Walk This Way! Join us for the 'A Walkable Future' event on April 20. Panther Island is a live, work, play community designed for walkability. Walkability is on the rise and is an uber hot topic right now, especially in Fort Worth. With economic and health benefits, the desire for a more walkable lifestyle has never been more popular. Hear the latest news on this trend at 'A Walkable Future' event hosted by the Urban Land Institute North Texas on April 20 at City Club Fort Worth. Keynote speaker, Chris Leinberger, at a national expert on walkable urban development will be using detailed economic data and will identify the value-add created by walkability, building support for these projects. Also, expect panel members to explore the real-world challenges of creating walkable developments when dealing with wary existing neighborhoods, outdated or inflexible regulations, and market perceptions and realities. EVENT DETAILS  Friday, April 20  |  City Club Fort Worth Registration and Breakfast 7:30-8:20am Program 8:20-10:00am Admission: $35 for members**  |  $50 non-members Enter code 'walk18' in the shopping cart to receive a discount on the ticket price. Click here to purchase tickets. Hosted by ULI North Texas, AIA Fort Worth, the Construction Management Association of America – North

Fort Worth icon still bridging history

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Fort Worth icon still bridging history The bridge(s) on Main Street have been making waves in Fort Worth’s history books for more than 100 years. From 1913’s Paddock Viaduct to North Main’s newest signature V-pier being constructed today, the two iconic structures are part of our city’s unique architecture. The Paddock Viaduct Also known as the Main Street Viaduct or simply Main Street Bridge was opened to traffic on July 3, 1914. The bridge was named in honor of Buckley Burton (B. B.) Paddock, a Fort Worth entrepreneur and former mayor. Travel over the river prior to the Paddock Viaduct had been by low-water crossings and ferries, and later by a two-lane iron suspension bridge that was built in the 1890s. Designed by the St. Louis firm of Benneke and Fay, the Paddock Viaduct design called for 50-foot girder spans, three 62-foot 6-inch girder spans, one 150-foot arch span, two 173-foot arch spans and one 225-foot arch span. The construction firm Hannan, Hickey Brothers, also of St. Louis, won the contract with a mere bid of $373,948.65. Today, that bid amount would be equivalent to $9,405,035.18! The bridge serves as a major connector from downtown to the northern

Future Leaders Tour TRVA’s Education Center

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Future Leaders Tour TRVA Education Center An amazing group of high school seniors from five different campuses within the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD visited our Education Center to learn about the Panther Island Project. TRVA Programming & Development Manager, Shanna Cate led the presentation and gave the students an overview of how the project came to fruition to where it is now, as well as a snapshot of what the future looks like for Fort Worth and the district. The soon-to-be graduates and educators engaged Cate with several questions from mass transit and water quality to what's happening and things to do now on Panther Island. Cate also set the stage for the students to actually imagine themselves living, working and enjoying the recreational amenities the district will have to offer. All students are part of Northwest YMCA's Future Leadership program where they are able to participate in a full-day learning session per month. The program develops fifty local youth to become future business, civic and philanthropic leaders. We were thrilled to have hosted the group and look forward to seeing what great things are to come for these future leaders. To schedule

Taking Steps to Ensure Walkability

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Taking Steps to Ensure Walkability Walkable urbanism is an uber-popular topic these days. To create a development with a high walk score, TRVA has integrated the benefits of a live-work-play lifestyle into the Panther Island Project. Let your voice be heard on the subject! The City of Fort Worth, North Central Texas Council of Governments, Streams & Valleys, Tarrant Regional Water District, and Blue Zones Fort Worth are joining forces to make our transportation and recreation options better than ever. Please take a moment to complete the survey and tell us where you go, what you do when you get there and how your route could be safer and smoother. Also, what would enhance your experience and which barriers (if any) make your route less than stellar. The City of Fort Worth will also be holding public meetings on the Active Transportation Plan.  Residents, business owners, and anyone interested in shaping the future of Fort Worth’s citywide bike and the pedestrian network is encouraged to come out to the first of several Active Transportation Plan public meetings. Learn more about the Active Transportation Plan project, share your vision for walking and bicycling in Fort Worth, and provide input on current conditions and

V-Piers: The Shape Above Water

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The Shape Above Water With all this talk about Fort Worth’s three new bridges and roadside sightings of ginormous wing-like frames, we thought it was time to do a show and tell to explain just what in the heck a V-pier is anyway. The signature bridges get their name from the V-shape of the support pier that will be visible above the water. But there's more beneath the surface . . . Why a V-shape? It was an alliance of art and architecture. World-renowned architect, Miguel Rosales designed the signature V-pier structure with Freese and Nichols Inc. of Fort Worth. Aesthetically, the design mirrors structures in our city's cultural district like The Modern Art Museum. Practically, the V-pier design provides better bridge support with fewer piers. Fewer piers mean less concrete and obstructed views from the river. What supports the V-pier? A drill shaft is bored 30 feet underground, then a steel-reinforced concrete pier column is constructed above ground with a rounded crown at the top of the column. This dome-shaped design is visually more appealing than the column alone, as this part will be above the water line. The dome will also serve as a connection point and seat to the actual V-pier. Ultimately, the V-Piers

Spring Break on Panther Island

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Swing into spring and break with these fun things to do right now on Panther Island. Spread the fun out throughout the week or pack it all in a day! Kiddos of all ages won’t get bored with these entertaining options during the week of Spring Break, March 12-16. From a lucky bike ride and double-features to an outdoor river adventure, swing into spring and break with these fun things to do right now on Panther Island. Morning Ride with Fort Worth Bike Share Enjoy a bike ride on the Trinity Trails and while you’re at it, look for four-leaf clovers decorating B-cycles in the Bike Share system. If you have the luck of the Irish and find one, share a photo or video on social media tagging our friends at Fort Worth Bike Share. Four winners will be selected and will win a pot of gold worth one FREE 6-month membership to the B-cycle program. HOURS: 24-hours a day, 7-days a week LOCATION: 45 stations total with our fav located at Panther Island Pavilion, 480 N Taylor Street, 76102 PRICING: $8 for each 24-hour membership (bike must be checked in at sharing station once every hour to avoid additional

Building the Foundation of North Main Street’s ‘New’ Bridge

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Building the Foundation of North Main Street's 'New' Bridge The recent soggy weather hasn’t dampened progress much on the North Main Street bridge. Construction on the third signature V-Pier bridge began late December with traffic detours on North Main Street near Coyote Drive-In and LaGrave Field. The bridge is currently being built on dry land and will serve as a connector across the new bypass channel. Design of the north end of the bypass channel was approved in December. Talk of MSE’s, V-piers, 5L’s, 3R’s and abutments have us curious about the process of constructing the foundation for our new bridge! STEPS IN V-PIER STRUCTURE CONSTRUCTION STEP 1: Pier Shaft Construction This initial step requires drilling approximately 30 feet into the ground to create a strong foundation to support the future bridge structure. Once the pier shafts are drilled, a circular steel cage is inserted in the drilled hole and concrete is poured to reinforce the bridge’s foundation. This bridge will have a total of four pier shafts, each is 10-foot in diameter below ground. Work began on the pier shafts in December and they were completed in early February. STEP 2: Pier Column Construction The second step

Real Estate Council gives 2018 Forecast

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Real Estate Council gives 2018 Forecast A message from the TRVA Director of Programming and Development, Shanna Cate Trinity River Vision Authority is a long-time member of the Real Estate Council of Greater Fort Worth. TRVA actively participates on their board and supports the council's programs. We are encouraged by the impact the organization is making with their influence on issues that shape Fort Worth development. Their work is cultivating opportunity for long-term smart growth for our city. Each year, the Real Estate Council presents the forecast for Tarrant County Commercial Real Estate. The presentation highlights everything from our current market and past trends to a look ahead and what is to come for Tarrant County. This year's keynote speaker was John Martin who spoke about The Future of Transit and why Fort Worth needs to get on board. Martin is the CEO of SIR a 50-year old marketing research company. Using SIR’s research prowess, SIR studies and reports on generational attitudes, behaviors and related trends. Here are a few interesting facts Martin presented: FWTA Daily Transit Trips (rides per day) today - 28,000 Nearly six in 10 business leaders say transit helps their business today Every $1