Federal Certification and SAM Registration Workshop

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Build and enhance your company profile to be more competitive when bidding federal government project opportunities. To be eligible to do business with the United States Corps of Engineers, you must build a profile in the System Award Management (SAM). The speakers will provide counseling on how to enhance profiles to be more competitive. Attendees will also receive a brief overview from the small business Administration (SBA) on Federal Certification Programs. YOU MUST FIRST REGISTER IN THE SAM ONLINE AT SAM.gov AND RECEIVE A DUNS#. You will need this info before you ca register for this workshop. WORKSHOP SPEAKERS: Tanika Pierce, Small Business Administration Carolyn L. Staten, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Registration is currently open for the federal Certification System and SAM Profile Enhancement Workshop. Register online at trinityrivervision.org/contracting (You must first register online at SAM.gov to receive a DUNS#) Have more questions? Call TRVA at 817-698-0700 or email Stacy Beeson at TRVContracting@trinityrivervision.org Facebook Event

Environmental Restoration

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The Panther Island Project is comprised of five project goals that are a guide for smart, sustainable redevelopment of our city’s core. Once flood protection measures are in place, a once-neglected, industrial section of the Trinity River will have the opportunity to be transformed into a vibrant neighborhood with green spaces and opportunities for living, employment and education. While previous levee construction has provided a level of flood protection, it left much of the Trinity River with little environmental character. For the last few decades, project partners, The Tarrant Regional Water District and Streams and Valleys, Inc. have taken major steps toward enhancing the river’s ecosystem. This project aims to maintain their restoration improvement efforts. Due to the historical industrial zoning, numerous environmental problems existed in the project area varying from chemicals and different pollutants including heavy metal contaminants, ground water and petroleum byproducts. From its inception, the project has been part of a Volunteer Cleanup Program (VCP) through the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ). This means every part of the ecosystem restoration related to the project is cleaned to residential standards. To date, 18 out of the 27 total properties identified

Connections to Contracts – Inaugural Signature Procurement Event

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TRVA is proud to be a Corporate Roundtable Host at the Women's Business Council – Southwest’s (WBCS) inaugural, signature procurement event, Connections to Contracts, connecting women-owned businesses and Sustaining (Corporate) Members. The event will take place on April 10.  Check out the specific Roundtable details below and register! How It Works There are roundtables of 8. One seat is for the corporate member host; the other seats are for WBEs interested in learning about that company’s procurement process. WBE seats are open on a first-come, first-served basis. Corporate members stay at their table. WBEs rotate and have the opportunity to visit a total of five tables. Timeline Each discussion is 20 minutes followed by a 5 minute rotation. 10:00 – 10:20 … Discussion 1 10:20 – 10:25 … WBE Rotation 10:25 - 10:45 ... Discussion 2 10:45 – 10:50 … WBE Rotation 10:50 - 11:10 ... Discussion 3 11:10 - 11:15 ... WBE Rotation 11:15 - 11:35 ... Discussion 4 11:35 - 11:40 ... WBE Rotation 11:40 - 12:00 ... Discussion 5 REGISTER

I.M. Terrell Academy Panther Island Bridges Visit

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On Friday March 1, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) students from I.M. Terrell Academy had the opportunity to visit the three signature Panther Island Bridges following their Trinity River Vision Authority office visit that took place on February 8. During the office visit the students had many opportunities to gain insight on the project from representatives from the United States Army Corps of Engineers and TRVA staff. Hearing from various engineers, architects, archeologists and project planners about specific details that go into the full Central City flood protection project, the students walked away with basic knowledge about the overall project and expectations for when they visit the bridges. Taking what the apprentices learned during their TRVA office visit, they were able to experience the bridge construction in person and meet project managers from various agencies that are working on the bridges. The students met with Scott Cooner from TxDOT, Sr. T/PW Project Engineer from the City of Fort Worth Doug Rademaker, and Freese & Nichols engineers Alex Garcia and Will.  Also, City Councilman and TRVA Board Member Carlos Flores joined the students during the tour of the bridges.

Taking a Look Back at Backwoods Paddlesports

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Backwoods Paddlesports had another successful season down at Panther Island Pavilion this past year. This is was the first year they expanded months of operation to nine months out the the year, March through November. While we wait for their 7th season opening to happen on March 2, take a look back at 2018 with us. 2018 marked their 6th and most successful season with the most rentals! They had a total of 6, 404 rentals. The rentals include kayaks, canoes and stand-up-paddleboards. Backwoods offer a variety of different discount for their customers throughout the season, but one that is available all season long is receiving 50% off of a rental price when you bring back a bag full of trash from your time on the water. In 2018, customers collected a total of 260 bags of trash! Backwoods Paddlesports has even more in store for their customers in 2019! Stay tuned for more information regarding their moonlight kayak tours. Backwoods Paddlesports Website

Panther Island Bridge Updates February 2019

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Significant progress continues on all three of the TxDOT signature bridges on Panther Island. Here are a few highlights: North Main St. Bridge: TxDOT’s contractor, Texas Sterling, is scheduled to pour the third of four V-Piers on the bridge near the end of February. Approximately 210 CY of high strength concrete will be placed over a 12-14 hour period. Due to the cooler weather the work can be performed during the daylight hours beginning in the early morning. Even though the temperatures are cooler, it is anticipated that liquid nitrogen will still be used to help control the temperature of the concrete being placed. The Contractor has also started to erect the bridge’s superstructure false work at north end of the bridge which will allow for the construction of the box girders that will support the future bridge deck. White Settlement Bridge: The Contractor has finished all of the false work for the bridge’s superstructure and is installing the box girder steel over the first two sets of V-Piers on the west side of the bridge. It is anticipated that the contractor will pour the first bottom slab section of the box girders in late February. Henderson St. Bridge: The Contractor has

Why is Fort Worth called Panther City?

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Where Panther Island gets its name is a long story, pulled from The City of Fort Worth's own rich history. The long line of panther mania, from the FW Police Dept to statues–even a brewery, all began in the late 1800’s. Read the nickname's origin in the Dallas Morning story. READ THE ARTICLE

Fort Wort Hispanic Chamber of Commerce – BUILD FW

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Event: BUILD FW Date: March 14 Time: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM Location: Amon Carter Center 3200 Saguinet  St Fort Worth TX 76107 Mark your calendars to come and see Trinity River Vision Authority Build FW is a business to business networking event that gives Fort Worth and Tarrant County based businesses (including minority, woman and veteran owned businesses) the opportunity to meet with public and private entities to discover their unique procurement process, supplier diversity, and requirements for doing business with each entity in attendance. Mark your calendars to come and see Trinity River Vision Authority at BUILD FW and learn about contracting opportunities as progress continues at Gateway Park and on Panther Island. EVENT INFORMATION

DID YOU KNOW: Urban Revitalization

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Did you know the new infrastructure updates needed for flood protection will aid in restoring 800+ acres of underutilized, industrial land on the island? The new bypass channel and associated flood control infrastructure will aid in restoring more than 800 acres of underutilized land resulting in opportunities for housing units, commercial and retail space as well as connect Downtown with the Cultural District and The Stockyards. Panther Island is expected to… Generate more than 29,600 full-time workers in the area Contribute over $3.7 billion in annual economic activity to our region Increase the tax base by over a billion dollars from $129 million to $1.3 billion Connect Downtown with the Cultural District and The Stockyards Add 12 miles of developable waterfront in our central business district

2019 Financial Recap

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2019 Financial Recap The Tarrant Regional Water District will provide the final installments of its $200 million loan to the Panther Island flood control project within the next year, leading to a possible bond sale to pay for the remaining local components. The District expects to provide the final $13.3 million of its loan commitment for construction of the $1.16 billion Panther Island project, which will create a waterfront community on an 800-acre island north of downtown Fort Worth. The District will complete funding their loan by mid-2019, meaning that the District’s board members will next consider selling bonds to sustain the $32.9 million budget adopted in September for the 2019 fiscal year. “At some point they will have to decide if they (the TRWD Board) want to switch over from the loan to a bond sale,” to continue funding, said Sandy Newby, the District’s Financial Director following a presentation to the District’s board at its December meeting. “Our board wants to make sure the public knows how the money is being spent and when we get to the point where bonds will have to be sold. They want to authorize the first use