Architectural Program from Mexico Partnering Locally

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We are excited to host the architecture students from the prestigious campus of Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Fort Worth’s sister city of Toluca, Mexico at our education center for a project briefing and then a tour of the project sites next Tuesday! Below is a press release from Fort Worth Sister Cities International detailing the students exciting trip to Fort Worth: ARCHITECTURAL PROGRAM FROM MEXICO PARTNERING LOCALLY Fort Worth, TX – Visiting delegation hosted by Sister Cities Fort Worth Sister Cities International will host a delegation of architecture students from the prestigious campus of Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Fort Worth’s sister city of Toluca, Mexico. Architectural engineering students and their professor will be in Fort Worth for a mentorship program April 13-20. While in Fort Worth, the group will visit several businesses and universities to learn about the variety of potential careers in their chosen field, and to learn about the sciences behind those fields. The students will also learn about various structures throughout Fort Worth, known for their unique architecture. Students will visit: Bennett Benner Partners, Huitt-Zollars, Tarrant County College, Fort Worth Central Library, Tarrant County Courthouse, Trinity

fortworth Magazine: What’s Up With Panther Island: The Latest on the Trinity River Vision

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Trinity River Vision Project on For years, Fort Worth residents, new and old, have heard tales of the Panther Island Project and the potential of having a San Antonio-type riverwalk in our own backyard. Unfortunately, it seemed the Trinity River Vision (TRV), a master plan for 88 miles of Trinity River shoreline in Fort Worth, took a backseat to other Tarrant County developments popping up in all directions. But, after years of being stalled by unforeseen circumstances, the project is finally taking off. “I came up with the concept of TRV while I was mayor,” U.S. Representative Kay Granger says. Surveying the landscape, she recognized Fort Worth had a hidden asset. “Fort Worth has a river that connects the historic Stockyards, the revitalized downtown and the nationally renowned museum district,” she says. “Unfortunately, because of how the flood control had been constructed in the past, the levees hid the river and broke up access to the three key areas of Fort Worth.” You see, everything changed after the great flood of 1949, which completely swamped the West Seventh corridor and forced residents to maneuver the streets in fishing boats. Miles of levees

Texas Bridge Features Unique V-Pier Foundation

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Construction crews in Fort Worth, Texas, are creating the foundation for what will be a unique, pedestrian-oriented urban waterfront district. Three V-pier bridges positioned along the realigned Trinity River are currently being built, at a cost of $66 million. “The construction of the signature V-pier bridges on Panther Island kicked off the vertical construction phase for the project,” said Matt Oliver, Trinity River Vision Authority spokesman. “Although the project is well under way today, prior to the bridges, most of that work involved property acquisition, relocation, demolition and environmental cleanup efforts.” The undertaking is a first for Texas, and is a collaborative effort between the Trinity River Vision Authority (TRVA), TxDOT, city of Fort Worth, Tarrant County and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). TRVA is responsible for the implementation of a public infrastructure project which provides needed flood protection and fosters the development of Panther Island.“The three signature V-pier bridges were the first stage on vertical construction associated with the Central City flood control project,” said Oliver. “Upon completion of the bypass channel, the three signature bridges will be the gateway into Panther Island. Constructing the bridges before the channel was based on two major factors. The first was access. If the bypass

Army Corps Of Engineers Committed To Trinity River Waterfront Redevelopment

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Army Corps Of Engineers Committed To Trinity River Waterfront Redevelopment FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The Army Corps of Engineers stated Wednesday it was committed to a major waterfront redevelopment project along the Trinity River in Fort Worth. The statement came after Trinity River Vision did not receive civil works funding from the USACE in 2018. The statements from the Corp’s Fort Worth district touted the benefits of a reduced flooding risk from the project. “Our various partnerships within the Trinity River Vision Central City Project are an extension of the Corps’ continued commitment to providing flood risk management solutions for the City of Fort Worth and the surrounding communities,” Brig. Gen. Paul E. Owen, is quoted as saying in a release from the Corp’s Fort Worth district. Congresswoman Kay Granger followed with a statement of her own, saying it was no secret the funding would be spread over several years. “Nor is it a secret that as a result of recent Hurricane recovery relief efforts being stretched thin over the past two years, the current federal budget is step-funding (using incremental appropriation) for its flood-control and water infrastructure projects,” she said. Flood control is

  • Sister Cities And Oktoberfest Fort Worth Introduce “Bier” Collaboration


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SISTER CITIES AND OKTOBERFEST FORT WORTH INTRODUCE “BIER” COLLABORATION New initiative hopes to launch more commerce between Trier, Germany and Fort Worth Fort Worth Sister Cities International, Wild Acre Brewing Co. and sister city Trier, Germany are partnering to introduce the first-ever collaborative “bier” at the Fort Wurst Corporate Night, on September 26 at The Shack on Panther Island. This new festival preview will kick off the fifth annual Oktoberfest Fort Worth. The brewmaster from Trier-based Kraft Bräu brewery will be part of the team to tap the keg of the collaborative beer called Wild Acre Kraft Haus Lager. The project is an effort to encourage and grow business exchange opportunities between Trier and Fort Worth. With the craft beer industry growing in both regions, Christian Luxem, director of Trier City Council’s Business Development came up with the idea of the “Bier project” a craft beer collaboration that could provide an opportunity for international idea and product exchange. “Such a project can contribute to promote the bilateral economical relations between the two cities,” says Luxem. The recipe for Wild Acre Kraft Haus was developed by Kraft Bräu brewery and brewed by Wild Acre in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth on the Trinity River

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Fort Worth on the Trinity River The Trinity River has been an invaluable asset to Fort Worth, Texas, since its founding in 1849. As the city expanded, efforts were made to construct levees and safety features along the river to provide protection during high-water events. Recently, however, Fort Worth has outgrown the existing levee system’s area of protection.Recognizing the problem, the project partners, the citizens of Fort Worth, and businesses began pursuing a project to ensure the safety of their community while establishing a new mixed-use and entertainment district. The Trinity River Vision Authority (TRVA) organized in 2006 as a group of stakeholders from local governments and regional water authorities to bring that project to fruition.Municipal Water Leader’s senior writer, John Crotty, spoke with TRVA Executive Director J.D. Granger about the efforts to ensure public safety and provide Fort Worth with a refreshed business district.John Crotty: What are the major flood control components of the Trinity River Vision?J.D. Granger: The Trinity River Vision plan is a plan to address our outdated levees. Our levee system was built for a population of 350,000 in 1960. However, the population has outgrown the system. Now we have a population of around 900,000

Top Five Cities for Fourth of July Celebrations –

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Recently, Travel Market Report put out an article highlighting the “top 5 most spectacular celebrations to share in across the nation for America’s birthday.” Along with major metropolitan cities Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta and New York, Fort Worth was recognized for our Fort Worth’s Fourth event. Fort Worth’s Fourth is the largest single day festival in Fort Worth and features the largest fireworks show in North Texas on the 4th of July. READ THE ARTICLE

City of Fort Worth: Work begins on White Settlement Bridge superstructure

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Texas Sterling, the Texas Department of Transportation’s contractor for the Panther Island bridges, has been making major progress on the new White Settlement Bridge. The eighth and final concrete V-pier pour was completed in May, and the contractor has started constructing the superstructure that will allow for the construction of the deck structure — the part of the bridge motorists will drive on. The contractor is currently working on both the east and west ends of the bridge. The new bridge will serve as a connector across a new bypass channel and over the Trinity River. The bridge will join its partners at Main Street and Henderson Street as one of Fort Worth’s three iconic V-pier bridges. The Panther Island project is a collaborative effort between the Trinity River Vision Authority, TxDOT, the City of Fort Worth, North Central Texas Council of Governments, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Tarrant County.

Dallas Morning News: Why is Fort Worth called Panther City? Curious Texas investigates a regional rivalry

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Have you ever wondered where the name Panther Island comes from? The City of Fort Worth and the panther have always had a rich history. From statues downtown to the Fort Worth Police Department the panther has been a mascot for Fort Worth since the late 1800’s. Read more about where Panther City got its name from this article in the Dallas Morning News. Dallas Morning News "Why is Fort Worth called Panther City? Curious Texas investigates a regional rivalry"

CBS 11: Encore Enterprises breaks ground on the first multi-family community on Panther Island

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Encore Enterprises has broken ground on the first multi-family community on Panther Island. Encore Panther Island will be a 5 story, 300 unit apartment complex built directly over the first section of canal. See more on the construction progress of Encore Panther Island from CBS 11 reporter Jason Allen. CBS 11 STORY: Promise Of ‘Island Living’ In Fort Worth May Be Coming True