What's Happening on the Trinity River

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  • Diverse Business Spotlight

    May 11, 2017
    Offering local businesses a fair and equitable opportunity to bid on and secure contracts within the Central City/Panther Island Project has been a long-time commitment of the Trinity River Vision Authority (TRVA).Now in its tenth year, TRVA’s Fair Contracting Program continues to recognize and join forces with *Diverse Businesses (DB).

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  • Live, Work, Play - the Panther Island Way

    Apr 04, 2017
    Green urban spaces will breathe life into the current industrial area just North of downtown Fort Worth along Main Street. A feature of the Panther Island project is the development of the Trinity River Promenade.

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  • The Trinity River Promenade Promises More Than Just Shade

    Feb 02, 2017
    The Trinity River Promenade is a lush waterfront feature of Panther Island that will consist of a several unique urban parks that will connect lakes, canals and marinas through a network of trails.

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