Board Of Directors

The TRVA Board of Directors meets the first Wednesday of each month at 2pm.

This meeting takes place at the Tarrant Regional Water District. Any change to the venue or date will be posted ahead
of the meeting.

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The Trinity River Vision Authority Board of Directors consists of seven representatives – the top administrator and an elected official from Tarrant County, City of Fort Worth and the Tarrant Regional Water District; and a board member from Streams and Valleys, Inc.

G.K. Maenius (President)
Tarrant County Administrator

Roy C. Brooks
Tarrant County Commissioner

David Cooke
City Manager, City of Fort Worth

Carlos Flores 
Councilman, City of Fort Worth

Jim Oliver
General Manager, Tarrant Regional Water District

Vic Henderson
President, Tarrant Regional Water District

Bob Riley
Streams and Valleys, Inc., Co-chair of Trinity River Vision Master Plan